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What is an Art Bike?

An Art Bike is any human powered uni-, bi-, tri-, quad- or multi-wheeled cycle or contraption that may be ridden or moved. The Art Bike may be created using the standard bike form, or an original creation of any modification thereof. Modifications may be minimal or completely transformational, with materials including but not limited to paint, metal, sculpture, foam, wood, and embellishments such as buttons, coins, toys, or any materials that you can glue on.


Art Bike Inspiration

Art Bikes can come in all shapes and sizes, from one-wheeled unicycles to multi-wheeled contraptions. Chariots, wagons, wheelchairs, wheeled sculptures, performances on wheels, adult tricycles, human-powered dune buggys, pedal couches - just about anything you can imagine!

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Do you belong to a civic club and social organization? Challenge each other to design the best Art Bike in your group!


Are you a teacher? Show your school pride by turning your bike into your mascot!


Work for or support a non-profit organization? Engage your membership with an Art Bike creation event!

There are countless ways that you can become involved in the Houston Art Bike Parade - and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Take a look below at some fantastic Art Bikes to help give you a little inspiration when coming up with your masterpiece!

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